2016 Tournament Sponsors

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John Irving & Family
Emma Creek Farms, Inc.
Kammerer Auto Body & Paint
Central Security Group
Pal’s Glass Service, Inc
Sinclair Masonry, Inc
Priorities Basketball
BJ Moore Family
RCB Bank
Rick O’Neill Family
Monty Applebee Family
Reddi Industries, Inc.
Jim Adams Family
Citizens Bank of Kansas
Steve and Margaret Dean
Jack Metzger Family
Sparks Family
Bob Bodine Family
Keith Ross Family
Bill Linhart Family
Wayne Unruh Family
Wiley Kannar Family
Lonnie Heigele Family
Flint Hills OBGYN
Melissa Sharp Family
Shane Stimatze
LDF Food Group
RDF Energy
SEK Mafia
Wray Roofing
KJCCC Football
Stuart Schake Family
CB Financial
Dennis Dutton Family
Darrell Foreman and Christy Schneck
Canyon Granite
The Boor Family
Advance Pest Control
Greater Wichita Officials Association
Lou Combs Family
John Adams Family